Waxing for Men South of the Border

The word is out: waxing isn't just for women when it comes to modern manliness a€" an increasing number of men are headed to waxing salons for face waxes, chest waxes or even arm and leg waxing. Some are even going for the no-hair-down-there look, also known as a Boyzilian or Manzilian. What are your beliefs on manscaping?

You don't have to have an immediate answer. If you do, be adventurous. That's more macho than sitting out. Add it to your bucket list. Look sexy and feel good.

Let's start with something simple: the eyebrow wax. It was once only for ladies, but this brow wax has become practically standard in the grooming routines of guys everywhere. Carefully groomed brows can enhance your natural features and bone structure, and the waxed man brow is attractive to ladies (and maybe other men).

Then, consider the ear or nose wax. As guys get older, body hair of all varieties gets thicker a€" not so much for the manes, though. When it's emerging out ears and nostrils, you might look a little barbaric. Or homeless. Get that spurt of hair into place with waxing, or resort to the trimmers and tweezers. For a look that lasts and isn't stubbly, I recommend the waxing option.

Know, this, though: don't try it on the rest of your face, jaw and jowls! This manly hair is often too thick and too course. You're more likely to end up looking like a skinned cat than a charming guy if you do. You should probably instead keep to regular shaving or get pampered with a straight-razor shave. Often, waxing salons for men specialize in straight-razor shaves.

Throughout recorded history, body hair was just that. It grew or not, and you were born with it. Now, how you remove the hair and it's location are more of a thing, say the best waxers at facial waxing murray, ut.

It's time to slide down the happy trail for a second. To find the hottest examples, think of Hollywood. Male celebrities do things like waxing the hip bones to look more trim while leaving ab hair to make the abs. For the most adoring looks from the ladies, the movie stars wax the whole package.

Waxing's really not that bad. The no-hair look might just be the bucket list item that you'll want to go for again and again.