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That summer was among the hottest in history. I'd just bought a house with central air. So prior to that day, if I had any problems, I'd just buy a brand new, inexpensive window unit. Not the most practical approach but it enabled me to keep leading a care-free bachelor life. But things have changed. I now consider myself as somewhat of an grown man, someone who dates real estate agents and folds my clothes, placing them neatly in drawers, as if I have some self-respect. Trying to uphold this new persona I couldn't allow my living quarters to stay at such hot temperatures. I briefly considered keeping my refrigerator door ajar so I could enjoy the cold air as I watched TV from my kitchen. No, no. This is what my former self would've done while eating Easy Mac and wishing they made bigger Gogurt packages. The new and improved me decided to call someone to take care of the problem. With my most professional voice I requested some help. The water heaters west palm beach fl came over right away and had my air conditioner working even quicker. The guy informed me his company could fix a lot of other home-related things. They had electricians, plumbers, and furnace repairman ready 24 hours a day. What a great number to have for a real, actual adult. water heaters west palm beach fl